Testimonials…from parents, students, teachers

We have three kids here at Billings Christian School. We have been at the school for seven years. It is a wonderful, nurturing environment with an excellent and challenging curriculum. It’s also an easy transition from grade school to high school. My kids love it here and so do we.”

Jody and Janine Teske, parents of 2012 Graduate, 11th grader, & and a 9th grader

We are a new family to BCS. Being new to any school causes a bit of anxiousness in both the students and parents.  Our anxieties quickly melted away that first week of school as our children both came home reporting they liked it very much.  They have wonderful teachers who are great godly examples and care about them.  They also have peers who are some of the nicest and most remarkable kids we know.  We are a good distance away from the school and tuition isn’t easy for us to pay, but any sacrifice we make is well worth it.”

Cory and Cyndi Bendt, parents of a 2012 Graduate, and an & 8th grader

We appreciate BCS for it’s family atmosphere and being a place where character counts.  Also, moral values are reinforced in our children’s lives by caring teachers.  BCS teachers treat our children uniquely and work to train each in the way he/she should go.”

Bill and Sabra Stene, parents of 7th, 5th, 2nd, & 1st grader

Billings Christian School gave me my foundation for building a future on Biblical principles. Looking back, I am impressed by the quality of the education I received.

Michael Monson, J.D., ’99 graduate

Our son graduated from 8th grade as a home school student, but we wanted him to experience high school outside the home. We have been pleasantly surprised at the academic rigor and have enjoyed watching our son learn to balance sports and school. His growth on a personal level has been our delight, and we consider ourselves blessed to belong to the BCS family. Joshua is proud of his school, and so are we.

Michael & Bernadette Botz,
parents of 2011 Graduate, 2012 Graduate, and a 10th grader

I’m very glad that I decided to attend Billings Christian School. I thought it was a great school, not only because of the Christian education and the opportunity to play sports, but also because of all of the great people that are there.

Alexa, BCS Alum 2007

Our kids have been at Billings Christian Schools since 2001. We wanted the girls to have a Christ-centered education that would complement, not contradict, what they learn at home and at church. Not only have they received that Christ-centered education, they have also (according to standardized testing) excelled academically. We believe that this is due in large part to the teachers, staff and curriculum at Billings Christian Schools.

Laura Williams
mother of Sarah and Michelle grades 12 & 9

I am so grateful that my parents understood the value of a Christian education. Billings Christian Schools provided me with a rigorous academic experience in a safe, nurturing environment.

Kristi (Keebler) Monson, PharmD, ’99 graduate