Testimonials…from parents, students, teachers

What stands out to me the most is having the staff taking the time to contact me personally if there is a issue with my child, or just to encourage me as a parent knowing my child is doing well in school.”

Traci Ostlund, parent of 6th and 8th grade daughters

The academic standards are light years ahead of the public school from where we transferred The size of the school assures my student won’t get lost in a sea of faces. Staff know our student and our student participates in everything including classroom discussion.”

Christy Smith, mother of 9th grade son

We love this school! It offers an amazing well rounded, Christ centered education. Everyone from teachers to coaches have the right priorities. It is a family!”

Rachel Harp, mother of 7th and 9th grade sons

Billings Christian School gave me my foundation for building a future on Biblical principles. Looking back, I am impressed by the quality of the education I received.”

Michael Monson, J.D., ’99 graduate

Extremely satisfied! Our children are confident in their faith, develop strong moral character, and are well prepared for college academics.”

Tawnya Taylor, mother of 2014 graduate, 11th grade daughter, 10th grade son and 3rd grade son

BCS has top notch staff and administration. We feel our kids are cared for on a level that is above and beyond a teacher to student standard…they are truly loved.”

Jennifer Peterson, mother of 10th grade son, 7th grade son, 5th grade daughter and 1st grade daughter

BCS has been a blessing for our family! We have felt very welcome by all staff. Each person had been warm and willing to support our student in the transition to BCS. The curriculum is challenging and will fully prepare your student for the next grade/step in life. If your wondering where to send your child, check them out!”

Desiree Elkin, mother of Kindergarten son

“Caring staff and teacher reaching out to provide academic excellence.”

Jeff Cooper, father of 1st grade son

The morals of the school, the light being poured into my child, the ease of mind knowing my child is cared for is more than worth the sacrifice.”

Jeremy Holst, father of 3rd grade daughter

I am so grateful that my parents understood the value of a Christian education. Billings Christian Schools provided me with a rigorous academic experience in a safe, nurturing environment.

Kristi (Keebler) Monson, PharmD, ’99 graduate

Billings Christian school is a God centered learning environment where my children thrive scholastically, athletically, and relationally.”

Laurie Houde, mother of 2014 graduate, 12th grade daughter, 9th grade daughter and 7th grade son

The Coaches at BCS have really shown how much they care for our kids with all the time and dedication they have spent training them to do their best. This goes for all the teachers and administration at BCS as well as the coaches.”

Steve Lund, father of 12th grade son